The Alucast Outdoor range is produced in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, mainly from cast aluminium and wire. With a history going back over 30 years these products have proven their quality as they are still being manufactured. Aluminium is light in weight and very durable making it a preferable option over cast iron and steel.


Skillets & Griddle

Superior Industries manufacture three models of skillets, the Duel Sided Griddle and Grill (290mm Dia.), the Double Burner Skillet (308mm x 252mm), and t he Three Burner skillet (505mm x 305mm). All three are designed to convert camp stoves into BBQs. Our quality skillets are made from advanced alloys which are strong yet lightweight, making them ideal for camping.

ROD & RIFLE, Brendan Coe

"The next event was bacon and eggs for breakfast on the alucast Skillets. The one we had fits across three burners. 'ROD & RIFLE' can report that it is possible to cook enough bacon and eggs for five in one go and there were no arguments... Alucast came through with flying colours. Ten out of Ten in fact."


Camp Ovens

These Alucast Camp Ovens are alloy constructed for rapid heat absorption and to prevent rust or buckle. They are ideal for camping or on our Chargriller BBQs and Littler Bottlers. These camp ovens come in two sizes: 4.5 liters and 6.8 liters

ROD & RIFLE, Brendan Coe
" Silence descended for a while until with no meat left and the Labrador chewing on the bone all agreed that the aluminum 'CAMP OVEN' was a beauty."
Camp Oven Components / Sizes


Alloy Mallets

These cast alloy mallets are soft faced hammers, that are light weight, non-spark and non-rust. They are ideal for the workshop or the serious camper. Five mallet sizes are available :1lb,1.5lb, 2lb,3lb, and 4lb.

Tent Pegs

Yes, Superior manufacture and stock tent pegs.


Superior reserves the right to alter these specifications at any time.