Low Pressure Die-Casting

Superior Industries operates a unique and versatile aluminum die-casting facility. In fact we have the only custom production low pressure casting plant in New Zealand.

The advantage of low pressure die-casting is that relatively high volumes of production can be achieved with relatively low tooling/unit costs compared to high pressure or gravity die-casting.

Superior Industries can offer anything from ex-factory component manufacturing, right through to fully integrated total project management

Our modern production facility operates a fully integrated total quality management system to keep abreast of customers' requirements, and to make sure we only offer the very best in quality, service and price.


Steel Fabrication

Whether if it's a simple pressed hole or a multi-dimensional automatic press job, Superior Industries have the expertise and machinery to solve your problems.


Wire Forming

We have the most extensive wire forming facility in the lower North Island. Whether it's a simple wire form or a multidimensional wire form we can meet your requirements. Our friendly design team is there to advise you on the most cost effective solution.

We have the ability and capacity to produce anything from one off prototypes to high volume production quantities.

Superior reserves the right to alter these specifications at any time.
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